Dining in Wrigleyville. Steps From The Wrigley Flats

Clearly there is no shortage of sports bars where you can get your fill of burgers and beer and traditional pub-grub, so we thought we'd focus on some of the finer dining choices in Wrigleyville
Contemporary American
3335 N Clark
One of the most versatile restaurants in Chicago, Wood is a critic's delight with upscale creative food from an Alinea-bred chef, one of the best cocktail menus around, and a late-night window for French fries
Dimo's Pizza
3463 N Clark
Whether for a pregame slice or to soak up the beer from the Clark Street bar circuit, Dimo's serves some of the most creative and tasty pizzas in town. Many are takes on other cuisines made into pizza form, yet there are still traditional items and vegan slices too.
HB Home Bistro
Contemporary American | French
3304 N Halsted
  HB Home Bistro
A rare Michelin-rated restaurant near the stadium, HB Home Bistro has been serving up elevated bistro food on Halsted for years
Country Boil | Seafood
3343 N Clark

Get a taste of the Cajun bagged seafood trend that's sweeping the city at Lowcountry.​
Four Belly
3227 N Clark
Head to Four Belly for the best ramen near the park as well as adventurous items including fried caterpillar and frogs legs
Chicago Diner
3411 N Halsted
Vegetarians like baseball too. Chicago Diner is one of the longest running meat-free restaurants in Chicago, and even carnivores won't mind the lack of flesh in the diner-esque dishes.
Mia Francesca's
3227 N Clark
Head to Four Belly for the best ramen near the park as well as adventurous items including fried caterpillar and frogs legs
Lucky's Sandwich Company
3472 N Clark 
Crazy big overstuffed fresh tasting and delicious sandwiches that are essentially an entire meal between two slices of bread. Great selection of craft and imported beers
Snow Junkie
3749 N Racine
Don't settle for generic ballpark ice cream and go for a unique and Instagram-worthy frozen treat. Snow Junkie serves some of the best sweet summer treats in Chicago: Taiwanese shaved ice and "eggettes" — bubbly waffle cones stuffed with ice cream, cookies, Fruity Pebbles, and more topped with hot fudge — just two blocks from Wrigley Field.

Best Way to Start Your Day in Wrigleyville

Pick me up cafe stack of pancakes
3231 N Clark
Kanela [kuh-nel-uh] brings a local, organic, and flavorful approach to a Greek-infused American breakfast + lunch. The origin of the name means cinnamon in Greek, and you'll find it featured in many items from the menu.
Everything we cook is from scratch and with local organic ingredients whenever possible. We offer a refreshing take on mama’s recipes and deliver them to you just the same way she always did, with love and a smile.
Kanela breakfast club eggs
Pick Me Up Cafe
Vegetarian | Vegan
3408 N Clark St
Vintage hodgepodge decor and a Haight-Ashbury vibe. Standout moo-free items tummy-warming French toast.
Maison Parisienne pastry with strawberries
Maison Parisienne
3307 N Clark
Discover a new place to have a little taste of France in Chicago through our fresh, home made, French quality products.